Looking for Robotics Banners

Hi, I have been working on our team’s website for quite some time now and I need to acquire some robotics banners. Although, if you cannot provide any banners then could someone please provide me with some links to Adobe Photoshop CS tutorials. As many of you may know, web graphics are a crucial part of developing a website (next to content that is!) therefore I need to learn how to develop graphics in Adobe Photoshop. Currently, I possess some minor skills in graphic designing but I am not even remotely close to making full-fledged graphics on my own. In responses you may have are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: :wink:

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As far as creating websites go, extensive graphics from Photoshop are not required. If you are new to web developing, and are looking for ideas, simply browse through as many websites as possible to get ideas. However, relatively simple yet elegant websites can be made without much sophisticated Photoshop graphics. A prime example of this would be the CSS Playground. Their homepage only has three images on it. Using XHTML and CSS coding, one can create advanced-looking graphics without using images.

If you would like to learn more about the techniques used to create XHTML and CSS graphics, browse around their website. They have many creative ways to create professional pages like these examples using CSS only examples .

I have to agree, some of the best-looking sites are the simplest. Basically, if you want to make a really cool website with some extreme graphics, don’t overdo it. Pick a theme, say, WATER! For your banner, you might make the text blue and have a shiney quality to it. or make the side buttons be little water droplets with text next to them. just be careful to make everything readable and un-cluttered.

About banners, i guess i don’t know what you want with premde ones, they would be other people’s work. Just make you’re own. Simple enough, if you can use the text and paintbrush features in PS. Or, be a real American and delegate the job to someone else. Get one of your team’s animators to design one, render it, and save as a jpeg.

remember, FIRST is a learning experience. Look at other team’s websites, and get ideas. learn from your peers.

I hope these help
and check around http://www.deviantart.com/ for some random tutorials. Usually it has a lot tutorials about planets like http://alyn.deviantart.com/


http://www.pixel2life.com/ - excelent graphics tutorials in particular



Hope these help!

give me the desired pixel dimensions and ill give you ours