Looking for Sacramento-area robotics teachers / principal

Hi all. Our school has had some sudden attrition and I’m hoping that we can fill the spots with FRC/robotics friendly people. We’ve got a great district near Sacramento (it isn’t in Sacramento) that is well run and well funded. Our school is newer and supportive and well known for it’s liberal arts and football team (I’d love it to be known for it’s engineering/robotics :wink: ).

About me: I’ve been the head coach for a Sacramento area FRC team for the past 9 years. I’m not a teacher (none of the coaches are). I’ve created this anonymous account for this post to protect private information for the teachers that are departing. PM me and I can remove my disguise, LOL.

The positions:
Principal: Our principal has elected to take another position in the district so they have an opening. Our school has about 3600 students in it. We will miss our previous principal, they were very supportive!

Teacher: The teacher who taught fundamentals of engineering and CAD is retiring at the end of this year. They have been teaching with the Autodesk suite (yuck!). I’m sure any platform can be taught.

Teacher/ Head of our engineering academy: The teacher who is the head of our engineering academy is moving. This person designs the curriculum/teaches/runs the academy.

PM me if you’re interested. We will be in Houston next week as well, so maybe we can talk in person there!

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