Looking for Seattle-based team to mentor for 2022 build season

I am a current college student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology studying Mechanical Engineering and I will be interning at Blue Origin in Kent, WA this coming spring (early January - late April which lines up great with build & comps). If there are any interested teams between Renton and Kent or within a 15 minute drive of those areas, feel free to reach out and we can discuss more. Current skillset involves mechanical design, systems modeling, data analysis, and experience with strategy and drive teaming.


You may get some benefit by checking out the FIRSTMap for FRC.

There is also now the FIRST Mentor Network which aims to unite mentors and teams, though I’ve heard some negative criticisms of how well it functions. Haven’t tried it myself beyond setting up a profile just in case I ever need to use it.


interning at Blue Origin

Be careful what kind of commitments you try to make to a new to you local team, I was at Amazon lab126 a few years ago and was accidentally doing 10-13 hour days as a product design intern. Lots of ability to get involved and pour effort into the company projects, learned quite a bit, wasnt able to do anything else at the same time. Posting my experience because it’s a Bezos company - YMMV of course.

(Insert old fart noises about focusing on your own growth and career in college and coming back to mentor with distance from the student experience here)

Most internships these days are soft-capped at 40 hours a week - I otherwise wouldn’t have posted and made my time available :grinning:

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I am Frances Costales, the current Outreach lead of Team 3588, The Talon at Lindbergh Highschool. Our team is looking for mentors for this upcoming season, and would love to have you as a mentor this year. If you are interested in mentoring for us, please contact our team at lindberghrobotics@gmail.com

Thank you!

(Insert sighs of teams that not only thrive off college mentors, but also know that how much more productive it would be to have conversations with college mentors about the pros and cons of mentoring, how to balance it appropriately, and explaining how it’s important to learn if the teaching role is truly right for you, rather than scaring people away and leaving the few who ignore the warnings ill-prepared)


This tbh. Yeah I’m a college freshman. But I don’t think there’s much in the world that could keep me away from my team and my community despite the warnings about taking the time off. Deciding to intern for the district probably didn’t help with that either, though I do love being able to be part of things on another level. I will say though that I appreciate about the “new normal” is hybrid meetings. Sure I could drive an hour and a half to meetings. My guess is at some point during build season I will, but it definitely makes meetings more accessable and even if you choose not to do fully remote meetings, allowing people to zoom in is something I highly suggest. Allows mentor input from afar and also takes pressure off of students if they have to miss a meeting in-person. Especially in the era of Covid. But that’s getting a bit off topic. Basically, I hope you’re able to find an awesome team to mentor! If you want any help about adjusting to that role let me know. I can’t claim to be an expert, but I don’t think I’m doing half bad and I love seeing my students grow. Having experience mentoring FLL Jr. and FLL doesn’t hurt either.