Looking for Small Teams

Team 316 is looking to compile a list of teams with typically less than 15 students. Please include Team Number/Name and a contact person’s email. We hope to compile a list of resources and tactics geared for the smaller teams to help them promote FIRST.

Team 316, LuNaTeCs

We were a team this size for many years and finally began to grow. This project will be very helpful to teams, good luck with it!

294 has more than 15 on the roster, but maybe 8 or so currently “on the team”. A lot are graduating out/lost interest so count us in.

And I haven’t had too much contact w/ 973, but when I talked with them they appeared to have less than 15. I’ll take any resources I can get though, so count them/me in anyway.

Team 971 has typically had that many or less ACTIVE students on the team, but that is slowly changing.

I’m an alumni and mentor from the team, so I’ll let the leadership decide if they want to be included, but I can be contacted by PM.

I am the teacher/ head mentor for team 1528, iPirates, in Monroe Michigan. My team has roughly 10 students on it’s roster with the possibility of going up to maybe 15 this year. I and my other mentors would welcome the idea of having a collection of resouces/ideas to help us and other teams in our area.

Team 1947 has had 6 memebers in 2006
4 members in 2007
and hopefully, well have 10+ next year.
So, anyway, wer’e in.
contact me via lirongurvitz@gmail.com

Team 448 has about 4-6 active members, the last two years. Most are seniors so next year we have to work real hard to get more members.

Contact the captain at corpralchee@gmail.com

Team 1687 has 10 members, and only about 4-5 really active members. Contact via email in my profile.

Our current roster for next year has 7 boys, 10 girls.

Last year’s numbers was the same. Most of last year graduated and next years group is mostly new people.


I am a mentor for a team in New Orleans, wkethman@tulane.edu, could always use more resources.

1824 had ~10 students and 3 mentors last year and won our regional (BAE, along with the Power Knights and Buzz) and finished 5th in Archimedes. PM me here and I’ll give you my E-mail addy.

We’d love to help out other small teams.