Looking for smaller 1/2 ID ball bearing

I’m looking for a 1/2" ID ball bearing that is either smaller in diameter or width or preferably both than the standard width of .25 and standard diameter of 1.125. If the width is .25, it needs to have a flange (and flange need not be included in the .25 of width). If the width is less (preferable), it doesn’t need the flange.

I don’t want to use a bushing and I have already checked all the usual places.

I know such a thing must exist, I’m just hoping someone can find it because I couldn’t.


-a diameter of .875 and a width of .25 and a flange
-or a larger diameter and width of .188 and no flange

would be ideal.

And I’m not looking to go for something at more than $10 apiece but if you find something that is more, I’ll still take a look at it.

EDIT: I found these http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXD097&P=7 which are the right price but I think they are a little too small.

They have some miniature ball bearings (in the catalogues)
That’s a large list of inch bearings they carry. The 1/2" bores are near the bottom with ODs from .750 and up.

I found these by doing a quick google search for “miniature ball bearings.” Most companies do not have prices in their catalogue, such as those two pages, but if you call the company you can usually get a quote for the items. Sometimes they can even help you find a bearing if you have specific requirements. Hope this helps some.

By the way, what is your intended use for these bearings? During the season I used some 5/16 by 1/2" miniature ball bearings and they became one heck of a problem because my parts put too much stress on the bearings. Usually as the bearings become smaller and thinner the tolerances become smaller and will need to be in more controlled environments.


Thanks for the links but neither of those places have exactly what I need. I really don’t want it to be just an open bearing. I’d like it to be sealed or double shielded. Also, I’m thinking .75 OD is too small.

Few links…

Check the bottom row.

Yeah it’s small and unshielded.

Small, but sheilded. But you might have a time actually buying it.

And finally, a really crazy idea.
Second paragraph there. Yes, it meets very few of your specs. But I don’t know the actual design and felt it likely that this might actually work for ya.

As a note to all, all of this came from a little searching on http://www.globalspec.com which really handles this sort of thing rather well.

Top result on google.


Not even close. There are no .5" ID bearings in the Miniature category link you posted, and the .5" id bearings in the “radial bearings” category are even wider than ones from other sources.

I have convinced myself the exact thing I want does not exist, so, I reworked my design to use a 1/4" wide bearing that is left sticking out of the hole by 1/16" No problem. :slight_smile:

PIC Design has got something like the ones you listed in the edit above; part number is E5-2.