Looking for Solidworks Designers


Hey FIRSTers,
**I am looking for Solidworks Designers for positions in the Detroit area **(Dearborn specifically).

I am pulling together a team to work on a super rushed, well funded, and important project. The positions are contract positions that I need to fill asap (tomorrow if possible). The project is funded through the end of the year. It might go beyond that time but nothing is guaranteed.

We are designing robots (motors, gears, things that buzz, whir, and click, …).

You don’t need robotics experience but it helps. You’ll be shocked to learn that resumes with explicit FIRST examples tend to get my attention.

The CAD system we are using is Solidworks. You don’t need explicit Solidworks experience, but CAD is a must and as well as a willingness to learn/work in SW.

I am looking for resumes of folks that have proven mechanisms design experience. I am also looking for creative folks. If I knew the answers, I’d just farm it out. I need folks who can see solutions where others see only constraints and problems.

That’s what I want, but the professional recruiters I am working with are just not finding them for me. So I’m coming to the CD community, a place crawling with creative roboticists.

If you are interested PM me with your contact information, I will send you my e-mail, and we can get it going from there.

Dean often talks about FIRST being a sport where all the participants have the opportunity to “Go Pro.” If you want to design robots for a living, here’s a chance.

Dr. Joe J.


I’m hoping your inbox fills up quickly. ::rtm::

It sounds like an exciting opportunity for many here for obvious reasons.


Hmmmm Looks up flights to Detroit

This sounds really awesome, I wish location wasn’t a problem for me. I hope you find some good candidates( with the quality of people in our community, I’m sure you will find plenty) and I am looking forward to seeing the final product(s).


How do I PM you?

Sorry I don’t use CD often.


Nvrm, had to activate account


Thanks for your many responses. The CD community doesn’t disappoint.

Some clarifications.

  • It is full time (actually more than full time – if you want to overtime, we’re happy to pay overtime).

  • They are not summer positions. We need the team to be working full time on the project until at least the end of the year* (translation: if you need to go to school during working hours in the fall, you are not a good fit – sorry).

  • The positions are in Dearborn MI (Translation: can’t work remotely – sorry).

  • The positions are for contract Solidworks designers.

PM me if you can work with the above and want more information. Include your e-mail address in the PM.

Dr. Joe J.

*It is currently planned/funded/scheduled through that time but if things are going well, I can easily see it going much longer (or the team being redeployed to another project after this one). At the same time, there are no guarantees. Projects sometimes end before they are planned. YMMV.


Wish I could apply. I still need to get that darn piece of paper that says I can be an engineer.


Sounds like a great opportunity! I would think about applying if I didn’t already have an engineering job, and I wasn’t still going to school. I hope you find the people you are looking for.


I would also love to apply if I didn’t just accept a position somewhere. Seems like a dream come true to many of the people here!

Good luck finding the right people Joe!


Chief Delphi Solidworks Designers,
I know everyone is All-Kickoff-All-The-Time right now but I am kicking this old thread because I’m back in hiring mode again.

The Boston based medical startup that I work for now has a Dearborn office. A designer from Chief Delphi has been on the team for 6 months now. AND… …We are looking to expand.

If you can work in our Dearborn office, are willing to consider a contract position (theoretically it is a temp position but I can’t see us running out of work anytime soon) and **meet the other qualifications **discussed in the starting post, PM me and make your case.

I’d love to hire more FIRST folk.

Dr. Joe J.


Is there an age requirement :smiley:


It is a full time gig and considerable experience is needed to compete with other candidates so not officially but in practice probably yes.

Joe J.