Looking for some Labview help

Hello coders of all realms.
I am sitting here with my programmer trying to figure out how we code this robot in labview. We are wanting to use an xbox controller. We don’t know how to use labview very well and make it all work. We have been looking at guides for hours but have not figured out how to make it all go together and have a driving working robot. Our team has not actually made code yet (even at our first regional, A member from the Gatorzillas wrote all of our code on Thursday of the Lone-Star regional) If any of you guys can help and send us in the correct direction we would greatly appreciate it. We are looking to get code done before our offseason event this friday…
Thanks so much!

I believe this is what you are looking for. One of our coder guys got bored during the season a whipped this up.

It depends on what problems you are having with the coding. Some preliminaries that should be taken care of are installing and activating LabVIEW, and downloading and installing the Utilities, Driver Station, and LabVIEW patches from FIRST, through NI.

At the start up menu, you should start a new cRIO project. The first thing to change is to add the motors and actuators inside the Begin vi as appropriate. Inside the teleop and autonomous vi’s, you can specify how you would like your robot to react to either driver inputs (teleop) or time(autonomous).

In each vi is sample code that will help you along the way. As a general note, motors and actuators are opened and stored to a Reference name in Begin, called by reference name in Teleop, and closed by name in Finish.

The driver station and stock LabVIEW software will manage the joysticks for you. Using an XBox joystick makes no difference (we used one this year).

It is highly likely that I will be at Texas Robot Roundup on Saturday and maybe Friday. I would be delighted to meet with you and help you and your programmers become self-sufficient in coding robot LabVIEW. If you need any help before that, feel free to PM me and I will discuss this in even more detail.

I hope this helped a bit.

I know you said you have looked at a lot of guides, but I really liked these guides and they got me started.
This is the National Instruments tutorial page, and I think it could answer a few questions.

Another awesome resource page is from Team 358, they have a ton of examples for Labview:

If you want I can post our code from this year to show you an example of completed code.