Looking for some St. Louis scouting help

Hey everyone,

As neither I nor any of our data entry monkeys (all two of them, including myself) will be at the championship, we’re at a bit of a loss for ways of trying to pack in as much as we can to our scouting database for the teams that will be attending. So just a quick shout out to everyone to see if there’s any interest in lending a hand and adding some basic robot info (as described here).

Obviously everyone’s going to super busy, so we don’t want to ask too much: just take one minute to put in your own robot’s info, and we’ll be eternally grateful :). Feel free to tell your friends and other teams, too!

Editing is anonymous, so just browse to http://frcdb.net/team/xxxx/robot/edit (where xxxx is your team number), fill out what you know, and leave the rest blank. It should just take a minute!

(Side note: This is all going toward historical records for the FIRST community as a whole, and as there’s probably not quite enough data right now to really help out with scouting, historical data it is!)

Thanks a ton everyone!

i have our Michigan State Championship info if you want it. the data is very basic but it will help sizing up the michigan teams like 27,33,67,217,2337,etc

Sure, I’ll take just about anything we can use!

I guess I forgot to mention that: if anyone wants to donate a copy of their scouting databases with robot info, those are even better! (As long as you’re okay with us importing it, of course.) Just PM it to me, or let me know and I can give you my email. We’ll even make sure to credit you on the site! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Feel free to use information from our scouting database. If the robot was at Boston, or Fingerlakes, we have info on it.