Looking for Spare Vex Mecanum Wheels or Rollers

Unfortunately, we snapped off a roller at a recruiting event yesterday (still have to determine if it was left or right). VEX is currently out of both 6" Mecanum wheels and the roller replacements kits. Our team is attending an off-season competition on September 27th and I wanted to see if any teams on here happen to have some spares they would be willing to sell. We can send money for the parts and shipping via Paypal. Thanks for the help!

I just sent you a PM

Hey Vertigo,

Give a call into sales and they’ll take care of you.


This is great news! Wish this was common knowledge on your website. Does this go for all the other items that are out of stock as well?

just had a nice chat with one of the Vex Reps. He quoted me dates of late October or early November for the out of stock parts we need, including the mecanum wheels. This is slightly disappointing. Our prototype drive train is on hold until these parts come in.

Shoot me an email at prosupport "@ " VEX.com


Update! VEX Sales was awesome! It seems that these Mecanum parts are out of stock because there are new versions of them coming in. The guy in sales was able to track down some of the older version roller replacements (since we have last year’s wheels) for us and they arrived yesterday.

To clarify, all of the new rollers coming in will work with last years wheels, we’ve just labeled the web as out of stock until we get the new rollers situated and ready to go.