Looking for suggestsion to avoid entangling with allience partners

Does anyone have a good suggestions for avoiding getting entangled / interfering with your allience partners during hybrid mode? I have seen too many times where a good run was ruined because our robot got “entangled” with another robot at the first turn.

We have a variable delay in our hybrid. Using the IR remote, we can tell it to (1) start, or (2) stop. We dont use 3 or 4 yet. It seems to work well. We can also start then stop, then start again, to dodge robots.

ask your partners about there hybrid. most will say the vear to the left or right and start them where if the vear they hit a wall and not the other robots.( it worked for us in finals)

having everyone delay until the robot before them has gone worked to but only in one qualification did we have 3 teams capable of doing so…

My suggestion would be to get 2 or 3 switches and have them correspond to a delay, IE switch 1 would be delayed one second and switch 2 would be a 2 second delay and so on and so forth.

Thanks for the suggestions. They will be useful in Atlanta.

What we do is put some switches on our oi that are set before the match. When the robot powers up, it reads the delay we set and modifies our autonomous accordingly.