Looking for team 8

With all the emotion going on, on Saturday we forgot to ask for contacts with team. We want to say thank you, you guys did awesome and we just want to keep in touch so it will be nice if you could massage me back!!!

team987 The High Rollers


I didn’t get a chance to go to LV with the rest of my team ($@#$@#$@#$@# school), but I did get a shiny gold medal out of it all. I watched the last day on mainstream, and I can definately say: you guys were awesome as well.

Thanks for everything!

Ruth (and Team 8)

On behalf of 25, thanks to you guys again!

There was no doubt in our minds that both of you, 987 & 8 were the perfect picks for our All-Star alliance :slight_smile:

It was great working with you, and we hope to see you all in Atlanta!