hey guys…last year i was on team 115…

i was the mecahnical director for 2 years and a standrd member my first year…

i am looking to mentor a team in the LA area who is in need of some help. I have LOTS of expirience…ask anyone from the bay area…morella for instance…team 192, 254, 255, 330, 8, 114, uhmm…lots others…MMM…ASK KEN LEUNG…HE KNOWS ME…hehehe

looking to spend as much time as necc. with a team…

FIRST is a great environment and i am looking to get invloved again!!

E-mail me if you can suggest a team…somewhat close to cal poly pomona :slight_smile:

THANKS…and good luck!!


I’m going to forward your message to Kris Unruh, who is the person on 330 who could probably help you.

Hope you find a team :slight_smile:

There’s always the alternative to start your own theam. That is an entirely new perspective on FIRST for anyone who succeeds. If you would like to do that, get in touch with me and I can help you out. Good luck!


Welcome to California! (I’ll leave out the other part as FIRSTers are always welcome) I can’t think of a team out Cal Poly way off hand, but you could always start something. I think the team in Bell is the farthest east, after that you’ve got to go all the way to Kingman, Az.

Joe is right, Kris Unruh is our co-ordinator for mentoring teams. So if anyone can help you it’s him. The other person would be Wendy Wooten from Team 22 (HOMER).

By the way recruiting technical help is sort of our “niche” for helping other teams, so we should be able to get you hooked up with someone, assuming there is anybody to hook up with.