Looking for teams in need of a mentor in the Triangle area of NC

I’m a FIRST alum but I haven’t had much involvement with the program since I graduated in 2016. Now that I’m out college I’ve been interested in getting back involved and would like to help out by becoming a mentor! If anyone knows of any teams near the Triangle in NC that could use a mentor please let me know. I specialize in programming but can help wherever needed. Thanks!



You could try finding teams closest to you with this map and looking them up via blue alliance or social media.

Welcome back and good luck finding a team

If competitiveness is a factor, I found the Statbotics Team Comparison very helpful when trying to determine which team to join in a new city.

Welcome to NC! There are a number of teams in the triangle area. Many of them have members who are active here.

@marshall may know of some teams in the area that are in need of programming mentorship as he is in the area and that is his team’s special talent so I’m sure he knows which teams have been asking for help.

We’ve received a number of requests from NC teams for pointers on swerve code, but I don’t remember any of them being Triangle area teams. However, we typically get a fresh batch of teams looking to dip their toes into swerve during the off season so if I hear of any teams looking for programming help from that area, I will certainly let you know.

Funny enough we’re looking for a programming mentor. Our current one moved to Texas a few days ago so we’re looking for a replacement. I’m part of 4561 and we’re located in RTP (Durham) let me know if you want more details!

P.S trying out swerve for the first time, going to be our main summer project so someone with experience would be fantastic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! I’m from Slice(FRC 8738), we would love another mentor! Is there a time that would work for you to set up an interview and discuss the team so you can learn more about us and we can learn more about you as a potential mentor? Feel free to email us at [email protected] or just text me at 1 (919) 780-1166


I’m from team 5727 the Omegabytes from Spindale NC and we are aways looking for new mentor. Also if you want some more info you can get in contact with at [email protected] or (828) 205-7598

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