Looking for teams in Toronto

Hi, all. I was telling my friend about FIRST and he seemed to be quite interested in joining a team. Unfortunately, his school does not have a FIRST team :eek: , but I was hoping that maybe there was another team(s) in his area that he could possibly join. He goes to school at Riverdale Collegiate in Toronto, Ontario. Any way to contact teams in this area would be greatly appreciated.

We are just getting a new regional director or I would have them contact him. If the person sends me a PM with his info I will be sure to pass it on and see what we can do to help.

Toronto has teams 188, 610, 854, 865, 907, 919, 1219, 1246, 1310, 1404, 1514, 1558, 1605, 1815, 1835, 2076, 2185, 2198, 2505, 2624, 2634, 2670, 2935, and 3040. http://usfirst.org/whatsgoingon.aspx is a good source to find teams in an area, including their website.

check the canadian regionals in TBA. Check out some of the teams, and find out which is the nearest. Its a possibility…

Thanks for all the suggestions!