Looking for teams interested in ecology

Hey! My name is Nikita and I’m a lead of the Eco FIRST initiative. Eco FIRST is a community of different FIRST teams from all around the world created to spread the eco-friendly values to the FIRST community by organizing different offline and online events, participating in different activities and challenges and encouraging other FIRST teams to join us! At the moment over 200 teams from 23 countries are part of the community!

This year we are going to focus on developing and recruiting teams at the regional levels. Therefore, we need teams-ambassadors who will spread the ideas of Eco FIRST community to other FIRST teams in their communities.

What should the local ambassadors do?
Well, a lot of different things. First of all, these teams should be an example to other FIRST teams in their region to follow all the eco-friendly values, so it’s really important and responsible task. These teams should be the main organizers or initiators of all the events and activities in their region. Also these teams could create pages of the local Eco FIRST community in Instagram, Facebook or other social networks to involve more people in their regions. But it’s up to you!

Where do we need ambassadors?
Canada, California, NY, Southeast, Texas, Midwest (excluding Illinois), New England, New Jersey and other American states or regions, South America, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Israel, Australia, Africa, Balkans (excluding Romania), China, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey etc.

How to become an ambassador?
Just DM me!

Why do you need to become an ambassador in your region?
First of all, Eco FIRST is a great opportunity to inspire a new generation to become more eco-friendly!

Also feel free to join the initiative in Discord. Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/eJUF2eC


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