Looking for Teams on August 31!

Do you like to help out community groups?
Do you like to play softball?
Do you have an inherent fear of the big yellow fiery ball in the sky?
Do you enjoy laughing at and cheering on your teammates and fellow FRCers and FTCers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have at least read this far, then read on… :smiley:

Team 1370 participates in an annual Labor Day Weekend fundraiser in our hometown (Middletown, DE … go ahead, look it up … we’ll wait … fine, here) called the MOT Big Ball Marathon. This fundraiser benefits numerous worthy causes, from Habitat for Humanity to local charities and community groups. Basically, the event is a 24-hour softball game with 4 “marathon” teams and 2 fields. Each marathon team plays for 12 hours.

Team 1370 (as Middletown Robotics) will be taking on the marathon team on the Front field at Noon on August 31st. Given our incredible (lack of) softball prowess, we would like to invite any and all FRC/FTC teams to come help us play softball and raise money for a worthy cause. The team fee is $10 per player and we are trying to get each player to raise an additional $20 in donations before the start of the game.

It’s a great way to get out and have fun while helping out! It could possibly even be used to pad out a Chairman’s presentation or two … :yikes:

If you are interested (and can reach DE in a reasonable amount of time), please contact us either through this thread or through our website

This is an awesome community event!


I’m so excited about helping out once again this year. It would be awesome to have the FIRST community help us out and get involved. It’s such a great charity!