Looking for Teams Willing to Sell us Falcons

As team 6838, we are heavily invested in Falcons and do not have any NEOs, Spark-Maxes, or related items.

For the 2023 season, we do not want to buy from VEX and we also do not want to buy the late and untested new Falcons. However, our current inventory, spline shafts, adapters, pinions, and other stuff pushes us to go with 775 + Falcons this season as well.

So, if there are any teams that are switching out to NEOs completely and want to sell us their used/unused Falcons and possibly other items for the Falcon ecosystem, we truly appreciate it.

For the upcoming seasons, when we have the budget, we hope to switch to REV but currently, it is very hard for us to do so financially (1 Falcon is half the monthly minimum wage in Turkey). We hope that when we switch out, we will give out our VEX inventory to other Turkish teams as well, so the items you sell us won’t go to the trash after 2023.


We are okay with paying close to the brand-new price but given the rationale of why we can't switch to NEOs, we can't go above their original price. Still, we can be generous as much as our budget allows. Feel free to shoot us an offer.


As an international team, we usually deliver stuff to our alumni in the U.S. If we find out common ground, we can transfer the payment and you can ship out the Falcons. We can pay for the shipment. As long as you are fine with dropping the package off, we can make it work.

Please let us know if you have any offers, questions, or any other Falcon items that we can buy from teams. We would really prefer supporting teams rather than buying a bunch of untested motors from VEX.

Thanks in advance for the teams that can be of help.


Hey I shot you a message

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sent a message as well


Is there a best practice for making this kind of post? Our team didn’t have problems with Falcons last year and based on my best estimate we want to continue using them for drive system purposes at a minimum. We would be happy to purchase Falcon 500s from anyone wanting to sell their stock.


Also interested in this!

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Also Interested in this!

Also interested in this
SF Bay Area, willing to pay for shipping

(3256 may also be interested in this.)

If any willing teams are local to the SF-Bay Area, we can potentially organize pick up; otherwise we may be willing to cover any additional shipping costs.

If by chance a team has 4-6 v2 Falcon motors they’d consider selling as they are planning to use other motor platforms or v3 Falcons - add 3467 to the list of teams willing to buy your stock.

If they are new, we’d be willing to pay above market prices.

Team 4079 is also interested in purchasing any new or used falcons not directly from VEX. We are in the Orange County/Los Angeles Area and would highly consider shipping.

Someone in IL was selling them on EBay, but it looks like they are down to one now. Early on the listing was showing more than 10 available. New Vex Falcon 500 Brushless Motor CTRE TalonFX FRC Robotics Vex Pro 2021 | eBay

Ok so for the teams above looking for Falcons (@wesbass23 @Dirtoval1 @RyanLee @SiddheshDash @BrendanB @Potttaaatttooo @JohnFogarty )
I have 4 falcons 3 new one lightly used willing to sell at 200 a piece
However our team is located in Taiwan so any potential buyers will have to put shipping into consideration.
Any team interested can contact me via discord @Nvertd#0966

We just listed ours on Ebay


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