Looking for Test Subjects

Hi all,

Have you ever had a question about programming that you just couldn’t find the answer to? Have you ever wanted to find that one team that has experience with a type of drive-train but aren’t sure where to look?

Panthrobotics is currently designing a website that will act as a directory of teams. . . not names and numbers or awards and wins but of knowledge. this way, you could, for example search for teams that have experience writing winning Chairman’s Award Essays that are willing to assist. You could search for a team that understands how to integrate LEDs into their design. You could setup a Google Hangout with a team that knows how to explain gearing in a way better than a manual.

Perhaps you are a team that would like to begin helping others - or perhaps you’ve done so and you are looking to expand your reach. We are looking for teams that would willing to register on our site. We are looking for any team that may be willing to be the first to register - to act as our Alpha/Beta Testers. We hope to have this open prior to the Build Season.

If you are interested in listing your team, please fill out this Google Doc and we will contact you as soon as we begin to accept submissions.


This sounds like good fun. However, instead of just doing team numbers, you might try focusing the names of individual people instead. I know what I know, but I don’t know if others would be willing to help and with what.

Hmmm - we could do both most probably. One section for a Team and one section for an individual. Though you probably want to still stay connected to whatever team you are with just for recognition sake.

I like the individual person idea better. I know all about LEDs and Labview, but I don’t know about drivetrains like another one of my mentors. So Individual would be better on that basis

I’d Assist as a java/cRIO/sensors/scouting? mentor but I’m really the only one on my team with these skills besides the head mentor so it seems silly to sign the entire team up for this. If its individual than I’d be glad to help.

We have team meeting tonight so I’ll bring it up to our mentors. We might be able to help!


Due to the above requested, we are going to open listings to both individual users as well as Teams. If you would like to be part of our beta/alpha team, please complete the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/6C1GcLNASt

Please list what team you are with. If you are not affiliated with any team, simply list No Team in both boxes.