Looking for USB HID boards besides Ultimarc

Any others out there? Searching only yields the U-HID and variants from ultimarc, but could swear there were others a few years ago, but I can’t find them.

This is probably your easiest bet. A knockoff version used to come in the KoP


This microcontroller also used to come in the KoP, with software to rewrite the board firmware so that it identifies as a HID. I didn’t find that software with a quick search but you may have more luck

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Software is here. Repository includes the firmware images if the software doesn’t run.

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OP didn’t mention what was desired different than Ultimate. Amazon and others have dozens of different arcade game controllers with boards and with or without joysticks and buttons. We’ve tried a couple of them and quality varies as usual for those inexpensive devices. We’ve also built nice controllers from the KOP boards mentioned herein and the Cypress board (12 years ago?).

We’ve tried a couple of the options found on Amazon and while they mostly work okay, none were of the quality of the Ultimarc boards. I have to ask the OP: why do you need an alternative board? Ultimarc boards (especially the I-Pac4) are really good and reliable, so it just seems like a waste of time to look for alternatives when you can get these. Just my 2-cents.

I don’t NEED an alternative, just wanted to see what all the options are. I know there were others we found a few years ago, but I haven’t seen those since, only the ultimarc ones.

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from the perspective of demystifying black boxes, the Arduino option is by far the best :slight_smile: … these HID emulators use Sparkfun 32u4 boards which are tiny and cheap.

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