Looking for USC kickoff directions and campus entrance info

If anyone can tell me which gate to enter at USC, that would be great. Our advisor has the info at school, but will not be able to access it until tomorrow.


Here’s a map http://www.usc.edu/assets/maps/upc_map.gif I believe the location of the event is in the OHE building which is in grid square 5-B of this map.

I have never been before though so can someone who has give us some more info? Thanks.

Here’s part of the email that was sent to the team contacts:

At that hour of the morning, most USC gates won’t be open yet, so cars
should enter through gate #5 on Jefferson. Teams should be prepared to
pay $6 per car to park. Cars should park in Parking Structure A. The
structure is about a 5 minute walk to ZHS, but right across the street
from the kit distribution.

(ZHS = Zumberg Hall of Science)

Yes, you will want to enter through gate 5 and that is on Jefferson. That is the only 24 hour gate on that side of campus. Then park in PSA (Parking Structure A). They will charge you $6 to get in. Make sure you park in the Parking Structure as the parking people will ticket you if you park elsewhere.

Having issues finding ZHS on the map??? That’s because they renamed it a couple of months ago. The building you are looking for is SCI on the map. So, SCI = ZHS.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me --> pclair at usc dot edu

I won’t be there for the kickoff as I am flying in later in the day. Have a great time! If you have any questions about the event, Larry Lim is the USC person who oversees FIRST.

So is this info on the FIRST site incorrect? Is it in the OHE building or the SCI building? If it is SCI,I guess we just park in the Vermont Avenue structure and walk down Bloom walk?

Well… OHE 106 is an office and that is the Engineering Student Services Office. So, I would highly highly highly doubt it would be there! If I were to guess which room it were to be in, I would say proabably ZHS/SCI Room 159 as that has 110 person capacity and projector, etc. But there will probably be signs and a lot of people milling around.

If I were you, I would walk down Downey, as there has been a fair amount of construction on Bloom (a new Engineering building and so the road walk way has been closed) they were aiming to have it finished by Christmas however I do not know if they did.

If you walk down Downey from PSA, you will go 2 blocks and then the road kinda ends (this is the back of the student center) keep walking until you get to a road that has planting in the center. This is Trousdale. Hang a right and walk a couple buildings and your there.

I’m going to USC too, but I’m not driving… so that problem’s gone for me. I hate getting lost :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck to everyone with getting there and stuff (not that you’d really need it) … annnd see you all in a couple of hours!

Now… Did the directions work? Did I send you in the right direction (or did I send you in the wrong direction)?