Looking for VEX Pulleys and Gears

We really are in need of: 24t x 9mm Wide Double Flange Aluminum Pulley (GT2 3mm, 1/2" Hex Bore) (x4) and 46t Aluminum Spur Gear (20 DP, 1/2" Hex Bore) (x2). It’s our faults for not ordering sooner, but it is core to our robot design. Is there any way we can get these parts?

Any help is appreciated!

Try the Robot Space out of Michigan, https://www.therobotspace.com/
They have saved me a couple of times this season. Good Luck.

Look to FRC 3184’s Parts Exchange - we have had a number of our items filled here!

We 3D printed those exact pulleys as a short term fix. If you have access to a 3D printer you could do the same.

Do the belts ride well on the 3D printed pulley?

We ran a few 3D printed pulleys last year on our competition robot, and we’ll be running a few on our competition robot this year.

We use the Markforged Onyx and the pulleys print very nicely.


Thanks for the suggestions! We may 3D print pulleys, but we don’t have access to the best 3D printers.

If you have, can acquire, or can borrow a hex broach, you should be able to find equivalents of those items with small bores on sdp-si or other sites. There must be a team near you with a hex broach.

My team last year needed was able to machine a hex bore through a pulley we purchased at SDP-SI, but we ran into the issue of the corners being rounded, but that didn’t give us any problems for the load being applied. Since then, we have purchased a hex broach that will help with stuff like that. We also 3D Printed some pulleys as a temporary fix to something until we could order more aluminum ones but after 70+ matches, never failing us, we are purposely 3D printing pulleys this year due to light weight and being cheap, plus quick turn around time.

If you can get the pulley profile of the teeth laser cutting into delrin works amazingly we are using the same pulleys and they are extremely light and fairly durable

Are you printing straight off the Vex CAD?

We made the pulley “solid” so no pockets in the back to make printing easier.

I believe we used SDP- SI CAD for printing the pulleys, but they are coming straight off of CAD and then we modify the design a little bit to change little pockets that made have been added that weren’t really needed.

Amazon appears to have them through Cheapgears. We’ve used their stuff over the past couple of years - have worked fine. And it is on Prime.

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+1. Top-notch folks who know FIRST, who excel at customer service and who have an amazing inventory. We have bought versaplanetary parts from them when even VEX was out of stock.