Looking for video...... 2002 Championship Semifinals

I’m currently looking for video footage of the 2002 championship semi-finals and finals.

I realize that 2002 is a Looooonnnnnng time ago for some folks but I’m hopeful that someone may have this tucked away somewhere in a back water of their server or computer.

Thanks in advance

I have to suggest you PM Ken Platteschor He should have video available from back in 2002, but it’ll likely be on VHS. If you ask really nicely he may have it on DVD or CD or be willing up convert or upload to their website.

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Soap used to sell DVD’s of past years. Not sure if they do any more.

I think SOAP might have some videos from 2000-2003 on DVD discs. Not sure what exactly is in there, but likely Florida and Championship videos.