Looking for Website Critique

Hello everyone,

WE have just finished updating this years website!


Checkout our new team blog!

Hit us with your best shot!


Looks clean and organized very nice.

I see that a majority of your images are getting down sized. For instance I see high resolution 500x450 pixel images for you team members that could easily be low resolution 250x250 pixels. I encourage you to spend the effort creating low resolution images. This will help your website load much faster.

Whats the best way to do that?


I think that so far your website looks great. In terms of competing for the website award I have a few minor suggestions:

  • Your blog is a great aspect which is lost in the depths of your site, maybe put a teaser on the main page to bring in interest.
  • Though you do have the First logo/link on the home page it would be helpful if you also incorporate them into the page describing FIRST as well.
  • For the Challenge and Media sections some people could be confused by the fact that 2011 don’t have sub-categories.
  • Your Calendar page is currently (25JAN11) a dead link
  • Though the Contact form system is great if they want to send the team as a whole an email it might be helpful to also put the contact info of a mentor on that page as well.

I hope this advice helps and good luck with it at your regionals

I use paint.NET and just resize the image