Looking forBane Bots Wheels, 4-7/8" x 0.8", Hub Mount, 30A, Black/Green

Does anybody know where we can find: Bane Bots Wheel, 4-7/8" x 0.8", Hub Mount, 30A, Black/Green? Bane Bots says they are out of production until April or May, but I figure somebody might have some. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

The largest we have is 2 7/8 Blue (The ones still on the site). Sorry. We had the same issue as we wanted 4" BB blue wheels and saw that we could not order them. AM has their new stealth wheel lineup and colsons are always an option.

We are using these exact wheels this year. We don’t have spares ourselves as Banebot told us the same thing about availability. We had leftovers from last year’s intake. They work really well for what we need them for this year.

We have a few orange 3-7/8" left over I think. 4-7/8" is an odd size.

We used 4 7/8" in 2013. We have a few that work but we’re looking for backups.