Looking Forward Survey

If you have a spare moment, please take some time to complete this short survey about Looking Forward. There may be future follow-ups depending on how the results pan out. LF is always looking for ways to improve the quality and delivery of content, and finding out what people want out of LF will help in that respect. Any other discussion of improvements to LF or questions about the survey can be posted in this thread, PM’d to the Looking Forward chief delphi account, or sent via e-mail (see account details for e-mail address).

Thank you!

Submitted. I love Looking Forward, I look forward to it every week of competition season!

Submitted…but have no idea if it helped or not.

Submitted. Good questions.

Submitted. I echo Don’s sentiment.


Thanks for the renewed interest in this survey. While I will not stop anyone from filling it out currently, be aware it was posted in September before this season started. There may or may not be a new survey following the season.

I should have noticed that…

Submitted anyways :smiley: