Looking to buy Orbit Balls (non-replica)

Hello CD,

My team (the FEDS) haven’t had much luck with locating any orbit balls so far in the season, and we have decided as a team that we need more than the few we already have. I know Orbit Balls are very hard to find, but if any teams have a few extra my team would be willing to buy them. If your team is willing to sell any extra balls feel free to PM me.

I am not sure how much we are willing to pay, but I’m sure we will pay for shipping.

Thank you,
Alex Dinsmoor
Team 201 The FEDS
Rochester High School

P.S. I have discussed the possibility of GUS balls with the mentors, but they want the official ones.

Do you know why it is that they want official ones? Do they realize that the balls will have a similar outside fabric?

If they know this and still don’t care, then hopefully there are some teams with some extra balls that are feeling generous. Perhaps in the meantime, you can team up with another local team and share balls and practice together.

I really have no idea why they want only the official balls. I think it may be due to our lack of time to make our own. I will continue to persuade them about the gus balls though.

If all else fails we will try to contact Team 245, as they are at our sister high school.

hey i think team 2614 (thats my team) still has extras to sell. id have to double check with my mentor but if your interested email me at slaminswimster@aol.com or my mentor at escime@wvu.edu