Looking to buy some 7461 Sushi Squad merch in the future?

Hi! FRC Team 7461, Sushi Squad, is planning a merchandise pre-order in the summer with this interest form. It would be awesome if you could spare a few minutes to fill out this form if you are interested.

The form is nonbinding, we’re taking these responses as feedback for which potential merch designs to consider.

Thank you!

Here are some of our previous designs:


take my money.


Love the merch

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I love the design so much, but I wish the shirt and hoodie had a team number on it.


in the 3rd photo, the back of the hoodie has it. Definitely not prevalent on all of them though…

Not on the merch currently for sale on the website though.

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yeah, we wanted to make sure our merch is relevant to people outside robotics as well
ill definitely take this feedback into account for future designs tho :slight_smile:

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Simply, wow! these designs are great!


Oh, I totally get that. I’d love to see something that works inside FRC and outside FRC spaces though. You could take one of your existing templates and replace one of the graphic blocks with a repeating 7461 7641 7641 text pattern, for example.

I trust you guys to come up with dope merch though. You’re pretty much top of the game, up there with 4414.


looks good! i might have to cop

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Def have slid yalls name to the 3128 kids getting into trading :slight_smile:

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