Looking to help mentor a team!

I’m a former FRC team member from Wyoming, MI and am looking for a team to help mentor now that I’ve graduated and am back in town. I’m willing to travel a little out of my way but not any crazy distances. I have limited experience with the build, electrical, and programming parts of robotics but I have a lot of experience in business management, fundraising, meeting management, and leadership roles. I love any sort of secretarial work involved in robotics and am good at setting up dates and meetings with students or school board members, etc. I’m really just looking to continue helping with robotics because FRC was one of the only good things that came out of my high school years. I’m eager to get involved again!

There are quite a few teams out in the Grandville area, and I know there is one about 5 miles outside of GVSU that may be looking for a mentor.

The teams I know that are in the area are the RoboDawGs, (Of whom I can easily get you in contact with), Demons (858), DCubed (In GR, team 904) The Kalamazoo Quantum Ninjas… I think a look at the map here ( **http://tinyurl.com/FIRST-in-MI **) for a good idea of who is in the area.

I’d love contact information for Robodawgs if you’ve got it. My ultimate goal was to try to help a team that needed assistance in marketing and such.

The RoboDawgs meet near the Grandville High school. If they can’t find work for you, ask them if they have any contact information for any local teams. They may know better than I would. I will PM you one of the 2 coach’s emails.