Looking to join a team in or near Falls Church, VA

Hi everyone,

I’m a software engineer, and I’ve been a FIRST team mentor since the 2002 season. I’m taking a new job that requires me to move to northern Viriginia. Unfortunately, I start the new job in the middle of build season, and I’m currently in central Massachusetts. That means I need to leave team 1100 :frowning: and it makes me very sad to have to do so.

I’d like to find a team in or near Falls Church, VA that I can work with. I will be moving down to the area on February 7th, and unfortunately most of the build season will have passed by then.

If anyone has any contact information for me, I’d appreciate it greatly.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can look at the list of teams that are mostly in Virginia here: https://my.usfirst.org/myarea/index.lasso?page=teamlist&menu=false&event=VA&year=2008

My team is in Haymarket, so that seems a little too far away… (Google Maps estimates a 45 minute drive)

Tom -
Depending on where you will be in Falls Church, there are several great teams in the area that would probably love to have your assistance. The closest is likely to be Team 1418 from George Mason High School right in Falls Church. Team 611 from Langley High School is fairly close, as are Team 620 from Madison H.S. (the Warbots) and Team 623 from Oakton H.S. (the Ohmbots). If you are game for a 20-minute-or-so drive, you can check out Team 2421 in Springfield, or Team 612 (Chantilly Academy) and Team 2186 (Westfield High School) in Chantilly, Team 1123 in Burke (a home-school team), or even join us on Team 116 in Herndon.

No matter which one you pick, welcome to the area! It will be wonderful to have another mentor in the area.

You never know. I switched teams due to a move the year of Triple Play, but it was within the Boston area. I’d moved to shorten my work commute. During the build season that year I split in half going to my current team (walking distance from my house) and my old team (45 minutes’ drive away). Somehow, I managed to work the transition between teams that way. I really don’t know how I did it, but 45 min is manageable. :wink:

Excellent, Dave. Thanks so much for the info! I’ll definitely take a look.

I drive 1 hour each way each day to get to the team i’m mentoring… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are game for a 20-minute-or-so drive, you can check out Team 2421 in Springfield

I’d mentor that team just so I can call my friends and say “guess where I am…” :slight_smile: