Looking to Make a Community Mechanical Guide

So here’s my story (very exciting I know),

I have been on my current team throughout high school and I am currently a Junior. I’ve been in mechanical for the past 2 years and yet I don’t feel like I know as much as I should at this point. There wasn’t really a structure for training previously on my team and the seniors ended up doing most of the work. Come junior year and I managed to get lead of mechanical without knowing all too much besides how to use the machines in the shop. I have really talented people under me and our leadership team has been making more of a structured training system, but I still am pretty lackluster in terms of having general mechanical know how.

Don’t get me wrong, I love robotics. I probably spend 3 hours a day in the shop working on projects for the team, but my main problem is as the lead of mechanical, not knowing how to create a chassis, CAD, or even fully know how gear ratios work. It feels embarrassing to not be able to do these kinds of things as the lead of Mechanical. Because of that I’ve drifted into doing more work in Finance and Outreach. Our leadership team was all seniors last year and they didn’t leave us with much to go off of for those so they’ve needed a lot of support. Not that those are bad in any way, just that I feel like I can’t effectively lead my portion of the team without having a good sense of what to do.

Therefore I’d like to make this thread full of things that are useful from beginner mechanical students to very advanced. I’ve noticed these types of things for electrical and other topics, but I have yet to find one on mechanical. It could be tool guides, CAD resources, chassis design, prototyping, etc. Feel free to link to other guides or threads.

List of some of our Shop Tools for Reference:

Table Saw
Vertical Band Saw
Horizontal Band Saw
Compound Sliding Miter Saw
Metal Milling Machine
Metal Lathe
Drill Press
Belt Sander
Soon to have a CNC Router

As a note we are a team with a 10 year history and we’ve just recently become a lot bigger than before. We haven’t been to Regionals since 2011 and I’d really like to bring our team a step above this upcoming season. Shout outs and good luck to all the teams who are trying hard to make it whether in Districts or Championship!