Looking to Purchase MAXPlanetary Cartridges

Our team (FRC 5459 Ipswich TIGERS) is looking to purchase MAXPlanetary cartridges of any and all ratios (5:1s preferred, however). We thought we had them ordered, then a glitch at REV resulted in them not actually being in stock… Long story short, looks like they’re not going to be available until March, and we cannot wait that long.

We’d be happy to arrange pickup with teams in the MA North Shore area or pay shipping from further.

I kindly ask that you only reply to this thread if you have cartridges to sell, we are already aware of other alternatives (versa planetary, AndyMark sport gearboxes, etc.) but would like to see if we can get our hands on these first.


Hello, 157 in Marlborough MA has some 4:1’s we wont be using. DM me and we can work something out

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