Looking to start a team in Syracuse

Hi all. I have finally gone off to college and I am without a FIRST team:( But I am hoping to make a difference up here at Syracuse. Our University has a large engineering program, and I have talked to a few people and there seems to be some interest in starting a team at one of the local Syracuse high schools. I still have to find sponsors, and of course I need to put together a business plan and recruit people. My goal would be to get a team going by next year with hopes of competing in the 2006-2007 season. I am looking for general advice, contacts, and ideas and procedures for starting a team. I know some teams help other teams getting started, and I was wondering if there are any teams in the Greater Syracuse area that could help me get this under way.

I am only a lowly freshman in college, but I have plenty of time to get things rolling. So all the help would be appreciated, please contact me or post in the forum!

Spikey Team 293 Alumnus

I assume your going to SU?

Try to get them to offically sponsor a team. Press it as a recruitment drive. These are excited students in high school who want to go into engineering. Better still, if you have a program they will want to go there. Every year now, Clarkson gets over a dozen FIRSTers. Partially because of the scholarships that are offered but mostly cause they want to continue in FIRST!

If you can get money for the kit and passionate people then the rest is detail work. Talk with Kim O’Toole with 1511 Rolling Thunder. She started Division by Zero as a lowly freshman and when she graduated started 1511. I’d consider her the resident expert on starting a team.

There is a division of Lockheed Martin located in Syracuse. I’ll make some inquiries with folks I know up there and see if there is a chance of support. Contact via PM or using my info on my profile if you’re interested.


If you would like a FREE “Team in a Box” DVD just go to www.team341.com Click on the banner and then scroll down to order.

We made this DVD to help Rookie teams, but we are finding that teams are also using this disk to explain the FIRST experience to groups that are unfamiliar with FIRST.

Anyway its free so you can’t lose.

Best of luck

Al Ostrow
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You should contact member of team 891 Neverending Chaos who dissolved a couple of years ago and see if they can help. Also team 174 the Artic Warriors are in the SYracuse area and could be of assistance as well.
There is alot of help 75 miles due east in Rochester from the X-Cats, team 340 G.R.R. Robotics and the previously mentioned 1511 Rolling Thunder.
Just let us know what you need.

I sent you a PM with my contact info. I would be happy to help.

One thing I forgot to mention in the PM, I would recommend looking into getting the SU Engineering Department involved. There are probably many students, and maybe even a couple of professors that would be interested in helping out. Not to mention they may have a machine shop with lots of tools that may come in handy while building a robot :wink:

So Koko Ed, there is another Rochester east of Syracuse as well as one to the west!!! :yikes: :wink:

heh. :o

Thanks for your advice, I will be contacting several teams looking for help as soon as I get some more basics laid out. I already have talked to the Dean of Engineering school at Syracuse, and he recommended me to a professor who teaches robotics. This professor has offered to be a mentor, and team leader so I am already seeing some good signs.

Please continue to post advice I appreciated it!

You should see if you can get a group of individuals together to come out to the Finger Lakes Regional next week (3/9-3/11 @ RIT) . If you want more details e-mail me jrees@cccsd.org & I can hook you up. I help run the New Team Development Committee for the Regional & I was just discussing how we need to build more teams in Syracuse & Buffalo. We may be able to help with sponsorship & recruiting.
Good Luck

for more info on the event

I’m from 174 in Liverpool. (10 minutes away from the city of Syracuse) I’ve sent Spikey a message so we will do some schemeing. The Arctic Warriors will try to do whatever possible to see if we can make a team at Syracuse next year.

If anyone knows of any other places that can make a robotics team in the Central New York area, please, let us know. 174 is lonley and wants some friends in the robotics community! :smiley:

I know at baldwinsville high school they have a PLTW. may be some interest there. its like 10 min from SU

1511 is of course available to help. I have a whole ton of documentation available for download off of our website: http://www.penfieldrobotics.com/resources/rookies.php

There are also some fundraising ideas on our site:
*Our Patron drive is our biggest fundraiser, raising nearly $18k in the past two years.

And we would be happy to come out and help do demos or whatever you need.

Oh and mark the RahChaCha Ruckus II on your calendar. 1511 is sponsoring the event organized with the Ruckus Committee on October 28-29th. You could bring a rookie team, and we would find you a robot to compete with to give your team a taste of FIRST :slight_smile:

Best of luck!

Baldwinsville would enjoy one, but when we asked if the’d want to join our team and make 174 two schools about two years ago, there was 0 interest in robotics as a whole.

I’ve placed a copy of my FIRST Robotics Owego Proposal in the CD White Pages. Hope its of use to you: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/1805

If you are looking to get involved with a school that has a PLTW program, here is a link to a list of all PLTW schools in NY state. http://www.pltw.org/schoollist.asp?toSelect=NY

At a quick glance the schools on there that are close enough to SU to be possibilities are Cicero-North Syacuse High School and Westhill Senior High School.