Looking to upgrade our drive controllers this year whose got the goods?

We typically run the Logitech 3d controllers for both Primary and Secondary drive functions.
We have exerienced some button failure over time and would like to upgrade.
How about the attack 3? Or who has a quality joystick?

Many teams (mine included) have switched to game console controllers and seen immediate improvement from our drivers. Logitech sells F310s which we use (like a PS3 controller). AmazonBasics also sells USB Xbox controllers for $20 each.

They’re pretty cool to work with because of the dual joysticks on each controller, as well as the triggers since the output ranges from 0-1.

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+1 to the Logitech Attack 3 for driver joysticks. They’re currently discontinued, but can be found on eBay in decent condition for $15-20. From my experience with tank drive, full joysticks/flightsticks offer much more precise control than gamepads. Accounting for the right physical configuration of the driver station, there’s little contest in terms of precision and accuracy.

Over recent years, we’ve moved towards gamepads for operator controls. Most mechanisms have preset positions with very small adjustments that can be made either with a separate button, or a quick flick of a joystick.

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we use 2 Logitech attack 3 joysticks for tank drive. You can find them on ebay for pretty cheap. It offers the same concept of control as an xbox controller with one joystick per side (tank drive), but I find it makes precision driving a lot easier since the larger sticks are easier to make small movements with as opposed to the little joysticks on the controllers.


we switch back and forth depending on driver preference, but most commonly we use the standard usb xbox controller from microsoft. im not a programmer but my understanding is its fairly easy to program and its what the kids today are used to. most teams use big joy sticks for tank drive but we actually use the controller. our driver does much better with it. it honestly is all what the kid whos driving grew up with. when i was driving if i couldve had a game cube or xbox controller i probably wouldve been better to be honest.
so i reccomend talk with your drivers, figure out what system they play on the most and try to find a controller that is or resembles that. maybe even try mouse and keyboard? ive never seen a team do it but it could be interesting lol.

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Another +1 for the Logitech Attack 3’s. We have been using them for driving for around 3-4 years now, and we really like them. We have been using wired xbox 360 (or equivalent) controllers for operator since we existed I believe. In 2017, we used an old Razer xbox controller, which was great because its ergonomics were better, although we switched back to a normal xbox 360 controller in 2018 because the Razer controller had become unreliable (sticky buttons, causing issues on the driver station). I looked into buying a new controller for last year (I was operator), and after using xbox One controllers, I thought that it would be the most reliable and comfortable. I couldn’t get one in time, but if you’re looking to pimp out your drive controls, here’s a handy link to Microsoft’s customization website for xbox one controllers:

Good luck!

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We started using these controllers last season after getting frustrated with the quality of typical cheap gamepads. They feel high quality compared to other ~$20 controllers and have held up very well for us throughout competitions. I bought a couple for personal use too and they’re just great.

Echoing what a few people have said here, I really liked switching over to Xbox controllers. Our driver in 2016 was fantastic at driving with the joystick, but a lot of other people (including myself) always had some troubles trying to drive with our joystick layout.

One day I asked our programmers to incorporate an Xbox controller and right away I could drive the robot super easily, and people in driver tryouts starting doing a lot better, as well.

Another similar thread: Robot Controller Options.

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