looking where to get 80/20 metal

our team is looking to build a forklift this yr. but we like to make it out of 80/20 but we have no idea where to find this can anyone help us and tell us where they get it by internet or wat.

You normally have to buy 80/20 through a local distributor.


And be sure to tell them that you are with a FIRST team when you order through your local distributor, as they usually give a discount.

McMaster has a large assortment of parts to choose from as well. Just search 80/20 on McMaster

Fast shipping, usually within a day or two depending on your local warehouse.

If you can’t find an easy local distributer or might rather just use the web you can also look at their ebay store:


Its stuff that they can’t sell commercially for one reason or another but is still more than good enough for any FIRST bot. You have to get a little lucky to get exactly what your looking for on there but if you keep an eye on it you can ussually get pretty much what you want.

I buy 80/20 quite often from this ebay site. Sometimes it’s slightly used or custom cut extrusion. It’s substantially cheaper than buying from a distributor. However, as stated above, it’s “hit-or-miss” with regards to having in stock what you want or need.

There’s a distributor in the Allentown/Philly area that gives FIRST teams a discount of around 40% on it. I got the place through the 80/20 website.