Looping Atonomous

I know that if you are programing a loop in the MAIN section it loops like 38ms or something but what is it when you are in the users_routins_fast section! I want to make a program in that atonomous section but I have no idea where to start because I don’t know how long to make each part of it. Could someone please tell me the number of loops the fast section does a second!!

actually in the auton section of the user_fast code, the auton looks for new input data on each loop - so I take that as meaning, the auton code will run the same as the process_data_ from_uP loop

26.2mS per loop

unless you take that statement to look for new input out of the auton code.

The “fast section” runs flat out, as quickly as it can, with occasional interruptions every 26ms or so as the “non-fast section” does some work. The number of loops per second depends on how long the routine takes to complete.

If you want to keep track of time, you can 1) use interrupts, 2) poll the PIC timer registers, or 3) use the 26ms-or-so communication as a timebase.