Los Angeles PPE Alliance

Hello FRC Community! My name is Yotam and I am a part of a multi-team student run initiative to involve more people in the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through 3D printing for our local Hospitals in the LA area. So far, we have been working closely with a maker’s space called CRASHspace to facilitate the production and distribution of these PPE Units to Hospitals such as USC Keck and Cedars Sinai. USC alone has requested 6000 units and these hospitals are desperate for our help. With CRASHSpace we have created nearly 500 masks and face shields and if you have a 3D printer and would like to join us to help defeat COVID-19, please feel free to join our discord server. We will provide you with STL files for the approved designs that are being requested, and we can answer almost any question you might have. Additionally, we may be able to supply teams with rolls of filament for participating in this initiative. Thanks, Everyone!