Los Angeles Regional! 2007

a bunch of the other regional threads have been starting up, so i decided to take the opportunity to start this one!

i noticed only 13 teams are registered so far, so i would like to ask,

who’s going to the LA reg? :smiley:

I liked the Forum, but it’ll be a closer drive to the Sports Arena, so that’s good.

Team 294 is hopefully going. It will be our 2nd regional. We took a gamble thinking San Diego would fill up before the 2nd regional opening so we registered for that first, hoping LA would still be open (and it’s looking okay for now).

We wanted San Diego because it’s cheaper for us (we pay for students travel). This is a big deal because we’re hoping to go to championships like usually along with a 3rd regional.

Hope to see you all at L.A; But be careful, We’ve got some big plans for this year (which, if everything goes well, you guys will see in early march), along with some more resources than usually, so watch out for us.

We might be.

We’re still discussing what week 1/2 regional we’re going to attend though.

We’d love to be there, but it comes hot on the heels of the hometown regional, so we’ll be gracing northern California with our presence instead. Next year.

I will probably be attending as a spectator like I did this year.

I anticipate the LA regional being a good deal smaller (in number of teams) this year due to Phoenix being on the same weekend and the new San Diego regional. This should make things quite interesting. It presumably gives everyone a better shot at being in the finals.

Team 4 is happy to be there again. This year should be amazing with less teams but more competition!

Team 1138 will be going like always. I can’t wait for an amazing year, less than 100 days 'til kickoff. :slight_smile:
How many of you are happy that it’s earlier by being a week 2 regional instead of week 4 like it’s been in the past?

actually, i enjoyed having the LA regional later because it built up anticipation :stuck_out_tongue:

and wow, im glad everyone is excited this early! i am definitely ecstatic to see who from outside of California will be attending this event as well. cough*188*** cough :smiley:

There’s a 90% chance I’ll be there. I tend to magically appear there every year anyways.

Well, we’re almost guaranteed to see you in San Diego.

Well considering I’m one of the ppl putting it on, yes I suppose you might see me in San Diego.

599 is going, and hopefully we will have FIRST Aid available again.

WEll 1070 is for sure going to LA… we’ve already signed up lol…and is anyone else glad that the regional is starting EARLIER? well we are… mainly b/c last year it was too close to the AP SEason, and since we’re a bunch of geeks… our team is made up of people who take like four to five APs…yay… but… this year is better… so hopefully our whole team … which is like… eight people… will actually COME!

hmm only 17 teams are registered so far. do you guys think there will be a smaller amount of teams attending this year?

My guess is that there will be more teams signing up once the second regional sign-up opens.

Yeah, our team wanted to save money so we chose San Diego and LA. We took a gamble thinking SD would fill up first, so we’re going to sign for LA as the second. It’ll probably fill up; Or atleast have enough teams for the finals.

It seems that there are many teams taking that gamble and choosing to sign up for an away regional first instead of their usual/home regional.

For example:
59 signed up for the Las Vegas Regional
190 signed up for the Silicon Valley Regional
254 signed up for the Great Lakes regional
1138 signed up for the Boilermaker Regional
22, 294, 980, 1425 & 1825 all chose the San Diego regional over regionals closer to home.

yeah 1138 likes living on the edge