Los Angeles Regional

For those of you attending, look for me on Friday with more info about CMI. Look forward to seeing the teams. Good luck!

Anyone have a webcast link? Thanks

No dedicated regional thread by teams? Come on LAR teams!!!

Any info on parking cost? Want to come by Friday afternoon. Firstlaregional.com has little to no information as usual.

Parking $10 per vehicle extra $10 for trailer for event

Tiki Techs are in the OC!

Excited to work with some of the best teams in the country, heck the world…

I will have students come by as time allows.

Good luck to all.


Actually, it’s $7 for the day.

Source: That’s how much I paid to park today (working load-in).

By my count, 3/4 of the robots are already in, probably saw some of you folks if you were there. This is going to be a loud event–I can’t say LA has EVER had stands on both sides of the field, plus one end!

Will be there this afternoon. Are the pits in the Pyramid, too?

Also: live feed? -> https://www.twitch.tv/thebagelbytes

Yes, the pits are in the pyramid too.

The stream seems to be offline so I’m gonna assume that it is not a live feed.

does anyone know if matches will be added to TBA or a live stream or anything? currently the only information available is the team list

I think we’re all confused because the regional is a Friday - Sunday event this year.

Yeah so:
Friday = Practice
Saturday = Quals
Sunday = Quals + Elims

Here is the full agenda.

The schedule will go on TBA as soon as it is published and will also be here. It should go up with the normal timing - post practice matches.

The stream is now live on TBA and on Twitch from the Bagel Bytes.

Can someone post a brief update on what happened? For some reason TBA doesn’t seem to be updating for me.

From https://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1664533#post1664533:

It would appear that whatever was going on has been fixed: https://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2017calb

Congratulations to Teams 696, 330, and 5124 for their win at LA. It’s awesome to hear that this was 696’s first regional win in 10 years. Here’s to the Circuit Breakers turning this into a win streak. Also, congrats to Team 2761 on Chairman’s.

Great regional, as always, even if the pits were in darkness under the seats.

Great work everyone this weekend. We made it a point to stop by every pit and check out all the robots. It is very impressive what the teams have accomplished. Special shoutout to our teams that made the playoffs and congrats to 696 for winning.

We really enjoyed the new facilities. Easy access from pit to field and from stands to pit, audience is close to the action and the energy flows out to the field, plenty of parking (at $7 per day, not too bad), load in was pretty good with plenty of space for unloading and no need to turn around to exit.

Down side; pits were stuffy and a little dark but that could be easily corrected with some fans and more lights. Also interference from the arena’s wifi with the field was annoying for the first day and a half. Thankfully it was finally shut off.

Hope we return to CSULB Walter Pyramid next year.

It was fun getting to compete with many teams we have only met in other ways (judging, inspecting, reffing). All in all, a big thumbs up.

I, and Team 4, had a great time at LA! I agree, the venue was pretty nice. We were lucky enough to get a pit by the loading door so that was a breeze.

A big thank you to Spartatroniks (3512) and Beach Cities Robotics (294) for joining our alliance. It was very fun playing with you guys.

I would also like to thank the planning committee for giving us all the scheduled matches. Like Richard said, there was a MAJOR delay due to the arena’s WiFi. The FTAs really earned their titles. Also, our Regional Director fully understands how important each and every match is to all teams and makes it a priority to give us all a fighting chance.

And finally, a very special shout out to Eileen Kahn on winning Outstanding Volunteer of the Year! She is so deserving of the recognition. Eileen works incredibly hard in making sure students get the best experience in their FRC career. At competitions, she can be seen running around, checking in on the student ambassadors, as well as helping teams who may have lost power in their pit cough cough. I am incredibly happy for her.

Does anyone have video of the pilot who had to put the whole peg assembly on the rail because the gear got stuck?

This regional was amazing, and I’m hoping we continue with our So-Cal streak. I loved the easy access to the pits, although the lighting could be improved. Thanks to all the volunteers that made the event possible, and the amazing judges who decided to give us Chairman’s. Congratulations to Team 696, Team 330, and Team 5124 on winning the regional, and to finalists Team 3309, Team 2486, and Team 3303. Can’t wait for Houston!

Does anyone have video of the pilot who had to put the whole peg assembly on the rail because the gear got stuck?

No video, but I have a picture from after the match.