who or how many did u loose with last years graduation?

I think we lost 5-8 kids. It severely dented our PR team :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, we still have pretty well-managed groups. We also have kept our drivers. Yay :slight_smile:

we lost everyone except 6 guys! We’ve got 4 or 5 alumni coming back to help. looks like we need to start recruiting the freshmen.

we lost a lead programer, most of our teachers and some of our engineers, we still have our drivers and i think we are getting a good new group of freshman, not too sure how good, lol, but i guess ill learn about what i will have to work with at our first meeting tonight, have other teams had team meetings and such allready, just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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**We also have kept our drivers. Yay :slight_smile: **

danke. danke. danke.

We were severly dented the year before (2001) by the loss of seniors. We lost almost all of our team, and they held key positions. However, as you can see from 2002’s record, we managed just fine.

We lost our programmer, our two Chairman’s award people and numerous team leader and machinists. No fun :frowning: But people are stepping up to take their places - it’s all good :slight_smile:

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We lost i think 8 people from graduating…
Only two are really missed though…

We lost 4 people (I think)

we only lost two people. but this year, a large portion of the team will be graduating. that’s going to be a big loss for next year. eh… we’ll figure something out…

All i can say is we were really dented by graduating seinors.
Programming Queen
Mech Genious’s
Animation Guru
And other random people that we were very sorry to c leave