Losing Comms Constantly NEED HELP PLEASE

Hi there,

You may have seen our last post from yesterday about the SPARKMax drive train:
Spark max drive train . We had thought our problems fixed. However, our problems continued with the Communication issues. We have re-flashed our radios, our roborios, put our code on a different computer, and continuously power cycled our robot to try to fix these problems. We drive around for a little bit and then unexpectedly we lose communications and robot code. We also replaced our ethernet cord.

Here are our code: https://github.com/219Programmers/prim2020

We supposed to go to our first competition tomorrow. We’re going to try re-imaging our Rio again .

Thanks for any and all help,
Team 219

Have a look at this thread. You may be experiencing a similar issue.

@lizzigan yes please check in on the other thread if when the loss of comm and code happens the only way to recover is to reset or power-cycle the roborio. If you can hook up a USB cable or the ethernet and have it work then it’s not the same problem and would likely be radio-related.

If indeed you have to reset or power-cycle then please provide the information requested on that thread and also follow through on contacting NI.

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