Losing Communications in Labview

Has anyone else seen this problem?

In the LabView environment we make a simple change, hit the run button from the Robot Main front panel or Robot Main block diagram and Labview chugs along up to the point where it has to start uploading the changes to the robot, then we get a pop-up that says communication with the target has been lost. This seems to happen regardless of whether we are connected with a crossover cable or using the wireless link. When it happens, we have to cancel the deployment, reboot the robot, and start again. After the reboot the new program sometimes deploys OK but sometimes it takes a second or even a third attempt before we get a normal deployment.

In addition, I notice that the robot does not always communicate with the DS on boot-up. The ethernet light stays solid on and does not flash on and off like it does during a normal boot-up.

I am presently running with the first “mandatory” update that came out in January (FRCLabVIEWUpdate2.0for2010.zip). I have not tried re-imaging the cRIO with the latest February 11 FRCLabVIEWUpdate2.1for2010.zip release.

Neil Heft
Team 533

We encountered something similar when we first started using the classmate PC with a tether. The issue went away when we disabled the wireless function on the classmate PC.

The no-comm at boot-up is an known issue that the latest update supposedly fixed.

We’ve had issues whenever we’ve tried using the wireless router on the classmate. Best to just keep it off imho.

Disconnect from any wireless networks you are on and re-boot the classmate.

Apparently the computer looks for the crio on the wireless instead of the tether, and somehow gets confused.

Thanks… I’ll try turning off the wireless card in the classmate and see what happens.