Losing Communications of the Robot Randomly

Our robot is constantly losing connection at random intervals, whether the robot is moving or not. We checked our wiring and there is no wire that is loose or improperly placed. We replaced the Robo Rio as well. Even if we tether it, the exact same problem occurs. Robot’s signal light goes solid and it only disconnect for about a fraction of a second then everything runs normal and then randomly disconnects again. One time we got a “watchdog not fed” error. PLEASE HELP!!!

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I have this same problem on my team’s robots…

check out my thread. My problem is still being diagnosed:

Also, when configuring the radio, put it on the 5.0ghz mode cause this one give less problems due to the small traffic on it. Check if your router and your computer sooport it.

We had the exact same problem last year and it turned out to be the battery connector on the robot was faulty. There is a bump on the end of the each terminal on the inside of the connectors. One of them was not there, so it did not have a good connection with the battery. The smallest movement would reset the robot. It may not be the problem, but I would check and make sure it isn’t.

After checking through your thread, it was the exact same problem. However, when we updated our windows and restarted our computer just now to the latest version, the problem was fixed. I can’t explain why it solved the issue but it did, hope it helps.

We tried this as well and it was fine for one or two tests that day. However, when we woke the robot and the computer up the next day, it was having the problem again…

What you describe is typical of watchdog issues. The rsl going out is a symptom.

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“watchdog not fed” is something that our team got as well. The typical issue is that we still have connection to robot and the robot is still enabled on the driver station. However the robot itself seems to be disabled, like our robot’s pid stopped working for a good half of second before being turned back on.

If the watchdog issue lasts for 2.5 seconds and seems to happen randomly, it’s probably the bug described in this thread.

NI is working in a firmware update to fix this. No word on when it will be released, though.


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