Losing communications randomly

Anyone else have an issue where the talons randomly lose communications? Our drivetrain uses both victorsSpx and talonSrx. Most of the time they all blink orange. But from time to time, they blink red, indicating that they are losing comms.

Note: they are updated to the latest firmware: v.17

Solder your CAN Bus

We had the same issue last year and soldered all CAN connections and had no issues after that.

Check all your CAN connections. Do a gentle pull test on each wire individually at each and every joint. If you are using connectors, ensure that every contact is seated properly in the housing. We had a big panic just before Bag & Tag because one of the CAN wires at the PDP had a contact was not seated properly in its housing.

I do not recommend soldering the wires together. It makes it more difficult to re-use your motor controllers in subsequent years. Secondly, soldering is a manual skill. Some people catch on quickly. Some will require a lot of practice to get acceptable results. There is not enough soldering needed in an FRC robot for even those who catch on quickly to become really proficient at it.

I agree. Soldering is a solution, but should not be necessary. Check all the CAN connections (or you might be able to isolate a few to focus on based on where the motor controllers start losing comms). We just had this issue not long ago, and it was caused by the connectors not being crimped properly.

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