Losing Connection to Rio when using camera or printing

Hi Guys,

Programming lead from team 2854, and our team is having a major issue maintaining connection to the Roborio. We updated all our firmware newest versions (2018 v16 on the Rio, 3.1 on the talon SRX, latest WPIlib, put the Phoenix Webdashboard, Phoenix jars).

It seems like whenever we stream too much data to the Rio, we seem to lose connection to the Rio. This so far is happening on two instances:

  1. We print too much to console
  2. We use a camera

The only way to fix seems to be power cycling

With the camera, sometimes we can still see the stream on the SmartDashboard, yet the driver station says we have no comms

We have tried this on 4 separate laptops and Rios

Any help would be nice, we really want to be able to use cameras


Reimaging the roboRIO with v17 probably solves this problem.

See the end of this thread.

Thank you very much, this issue was really painful for our team to deal with