Losing only to the event winners in elims

How many teams have only lost to the eventual event winners in the semi- or quarterfinals at multiple events this year?
At MISOU, 548 lost to the winning alliance of 33 in the semifinals. At MIWAT, 548 lost to the winning alliance of 27 in the quarterfinals.

If we are just talking playoffs, the winning alliance beats 3/8 of the alliances every event. 4/8 are beat by a non winning alliance.

Team 4982 lost to the winning alliance both at Tippecanoe (234, 1018, 4926) and (Indiana) St. Joseph (2960, 2054, 5484) this year.

My team (3452) lost to Average Joes (3620), Stryke Force (2767) and Code Red Robotics (5567) who ended up winning the event. We were eliminated in the semi finals. Although we had a different alliance last year, this is the second year in a row that my team has lost to Average Joes and Stryke Force.
Similar thing happened at worlds last year. We were a 4th pick (and there was a moment we almost played) in Carver, and as a lot of people know, Carver was the one that took it all. In our semi finals match, our alliance partner (3419) was flipped by Beach Bots’ alliance, resulting in a red card. The 2 matches weren’t as close as we would want, but Beach Bots won and ended up winning the entire division, and then went on to win Einsteins. If you have to lose to someone, lose to the ones that win it all.

2791 practically has the lifetime achievement award in this category. The entire 2012, 2013, and 2014 seasons had elims runs that were ended with losses to the event winners.

Unfortunately they broke this streak in 2017. :slight_smile:

1712 has done this in 2009, 2010*, 2011, 2015**, and 2017. Hopefully 1712 can repeat 2791’s footsteps this weekend.

*2010 also had an event where we missed eliminations
**2015 only counts the event in which we reached the finals, given the unusual playoff format that year

In pch, 4188 lost to the eventual winning alliance at Gainseville in semis and also lost finals at Columbus.

(I’ll post the 2017-only numbers later once I get around to parsing all the week 3 data.)

Back to and including 2010 (does not include offseasons or 2017 week 3 events, also excludes 2015 because those playoffs were weird), the top 15 teams based on the number of times they were eliminated from an event in qf or sf by the eventual winners of the event:

WOBOT (141)                    9
Sprockets (1075)               9
The Fighting Pi (1718)         9
NC GEARS (1918)                9
TORC (2137)                    9
MORT (11)                      8
More Martians (70)             8
The Monsters (308)             8
Robostangs (548)               8
Mech Warriors (573)            8
Vulcan Robotics (1218)         8
The Pascack PI-oneers (1676)   8
Team C.H.A.O.S. (74)           7
Robonauts (118)                7
Team - Cosmos (123)            7

Of course, this is pretty biased based on how many events they went to. So based on percentage of events teams attended:

Black Unicorns (5135)           1.0
ZooBOTix (6002)                 1.0
Team Discovery (134)            0.6666666666666666
Intimitrons from Area 51 (4604) 0.6666666666666666
Sir Lancerbot (4917)            0.6666666666666666
Viral Vortex (4936)             0.6666666666666666
Udder Chaos (5240)              0.6666666666666666
Celt-X (5406)                   0.6666666666666666
Robatos Locos (1480)            0.6666666666666666
The Cat Machine (5924)          0.6666666666666666
AXIOM (2213)                    0.6666666666666666
Team Recycle It! (2456)         0.6666666666666666
The T-Birds (3552)              0.6666666666666666
Botbusters (4635)               0.6
Olympus Robotics (4982)         0.5714285714285714

You know what is interesting? Looks like 9 of those 15 are Michigan teams. All comes down to the amount of events played in similar regions to perennials such as 67/33/etc.