Loss of a FIRST Family Member

It is with a heavy heart and regret that we inform you that police believe that they have identified the body of Riley Branstrom. For details, please see this article.

When Riley was a student, he was both the head of our Media and Digital Design committees and our team’s human player. After graduation, he continued to be active in FIRST as an FRC and FTC volunteer. He brought spirit and excitement to our team and competition, and was often seen sporting a faux mustache and silver sequin fedora “just because.”

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who shared his photo, and helped us in the search to find him. We would like to extend our deepest and most sincere sympathies to the Branstrom family, and to all of those who, like us, considered him a friend. Once again we thank everyone for their concern, thoughts, and prayers. He will be sorely missed.

Please pass along condolences to Riley’s family and team from WildStang. I am sure he will be missed.

Please let the family know the entire FIRST community has them in their prayers. We all feel this loss.

Team 223 sends along their condolences. It’s been a rough week for you guys, and if you need anything, we’re here for you guys.

FRC Team 1501 passes along its condolences to his family and friends.
It appears he was a fine young man with his whole life ahead of him.
Rest in Peace Riley

Team 4466 - Robo Hamsters sends their condolences. So sorry for you loss. :frowning: :frowning:

Team 967 sends its deepest condolences. This has to be a really tough loss for everyone affected.

Team 1640 sends their sincerest condolences.


On behalf of MOE 365, you, your team, and Riley’s family and friends are in our hearts and minds at this difficult time. We are so sorry to hear about Riley.


From everyone on 1676, we are so sorry for your loss. Our most since prayers and condolences go out to Team 1089’s community and Riley’s friends and family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Our deepest thoughts and our condolences from Team Cerbotics 4400. We´re here if you need anything.

Our condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Team 1806 sends it’s thoughts and condolences.
It’s always disappointing to hear that a hero of the future won’t be making it to the future with us. Rest in peace.

All of my love to 1089 and his family. My heart is breaking. I am purchasing silver sequin fedoras for my team to wear on Saturday to Monty Madness to honor him. My team didn’t know him, but I had the pleasure of meeting him many times and seeing him become an amazing young man. This week is the two year anniversary of the passing of my best friend from cancer. Cherish everyday, hug the ones you love, and make sure you do what makes you happy in life.

My thoughts and prayers are with Riley’s family and friends.

Team 2175 - The Fighting Calculators sends our condolences. We are sorry for you loss.

Team 1939 sends our condolences. We’ll be keeping Riley, the Branstrom family, and Team Mercury in our thoughts and prayers.

Team 316 sends our sincere condolences. Riley’s family and Team 1089 will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Teams 4472 and 2068 send their condolences, your team and extended family will be in our thoughts.

So very sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.