Loss of a team member

With the deepest sadness that I am forwarding the news that Griffen O’Brien, member of Team 116, passed away suddenly late Monday evening.

Griffen was a driving force during his tenure on the team, serving as driver, coach and pit crew member for several years. He basically defined the team personality during that time, sharing his persistent smile, infectious enthusiasm, and perennially upbeat outlook on life. After graduating in 2004, Griffen was still a frequent visitor to team gatherings and was well on his way to becoming a skilled mentor while working on his engineering degree at Drexel University. Griffen’s younger brother Baxter is still on the team.

We ask that you please keep Baxter and the rest of Griffen’s family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.


My condolences to the family and to your team. Life is fleeting and we often forget that.

So sorry to hear about this Dave. My heart goes out to the family, friends and team of Griffith

thanks for including the photo because although I don’t always recognize names, it is a jolt when you recognize the face, and it makes you realize how widespread this FIRST family is.
The family is in my prayers.

This is very sad news and many of us will find that our words stick in our throats and can’t find their way to our fingers to type.

Thank you for sharing a photo of Griffen with all of us.
My thoughts are with Baxter, the family, Team 116, and the FIRST community.
Team 418

Dave and the family of the departed,

Griffen will be in me and my family’s prayers, I am truely saddend with the loss.


I always wanted to know what Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, would be like as a teenager… I found out when I met Griffen, and it was as wonderful as I ever thought it would be. I never thought it could hurt this much without something breaking.

For those of you who did meet him at any event, I’m glad, because you truly met someone amazing and special. I wish everyone could have met him. Please keep all of us, especially his family, in your hearts, because we need it so badly right now.


Thanks for sharing this with us. Our prayers are with them.

My deepest sympathies to the O’Brien family and all of 116. May you all find peace.

Griffen always was one to both encourage others to keep on going and to goof off at the same time. He was always there for me as a friend.


On behalf of team 1345, our condolence to O’Brien family and Team 116.

My condolences to Griffen’s family, friends, and teammates.

My condolences go out to 116 and the O’Brien family. Thanks for sharing this with us, I couldn’t imagine how it feels to lose a great member of my team, it must be hard.

Griffen was one of the finest team members, one of the finest human beings, I have ever known. He did everything for 116, from being the mascot to being a member of the drive and pit crews. He always kept an upbeat attitude, even when not in robotics. I met him a year before I entered 116, and he was amazing even then. He was one of my first friends on the team, and a character I will always remember. This is truly a horrible event for many in Herndon, not just 116. He was also a member of the band, and a vibrant character there as well. Everyone knew him, everyone will remember him.

As a member of team 1351, we lament the passing away of a FIRST member. We express our condolences to 116, his family, friends, and all who knew him.

I always tear up when I hear about the loss of a dedicated FIRST student; I give my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and anyone who he may have inspired along the way.

Please give my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and team mates

deepest condolences to the family and friends from all of team 4. he will be in our prayers.

take care.

Prayers go out from MOE 365 to Griffen and his family and friends.

Please pass along our thoughts and prayers for Griffen’s family and your team members. It is easy to see from the posts how wonderful a person he was. Remember the good times.