Loss of registered members?

The other day I noticed we almost had 10,000 registered members, it was near 9,975 when I last looked. This morning I noticed we were at 8,612. Were some of the old unused accounts and/or spam accounts removed?

I was about to congratulate CD for reaching 10,000 this week, oh well. :rolleyes:

Well don’t worry, we’re on our way back up. :wink:

8,614. Maybe Brandon could force new members to post in the 1 to 1,000 thread…

Yes, I purged out people who registered over a year ago, and didn’t confirm their e-mail.

I was looking forward to congratulating CD as well but was wondering when members were going to be purged (if you have 10,000 registered but only 1,000 active on any level forum members need to be purged)

Oh and congrats Brandon you have 4,070 posts (take out the 0s and you have 47!) :smiley:

Eh, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. We’ll reach the 10,000 mark by the day after kickoff. Especially if Dave gives it a mention on air. I’m looking forward to that.