Lost 2084 Sweatshirt

During the St. Louis Competition, two plastic bags were taken (hopefully by mistake.) In one bag is a custom Greg sweatshirt with the numbers “2084” on the sleeve. The other bag actually held another plastic bag inside with a black shirt covered in various team pins that I have been collecting ever since my first competition, so it holds a lot of sediment all value to me. It may also have a blue raincoat. If you have any information for either of the bags, please email me at muffinyhead123@gmail.com

What division were you guys in? Because I recall two plastic bags that I saw laying around in Curie after nearly all the teams were already gone.

2084 was on Tesla, then Einstein.

Nevermind then. I hope you find it though!

The bags could have been moved after they were taken, but if your team has any bags they took, it would be great if I could get a list of what is inside.

Update, 99% percent sure we accidentally grabbed those bags. Two plastic bags, one with a 2084/Steamworks sweatshirt and one with a bunch of buttons inside, right? If so, we would be more than happy to ship it to you. Sorry about this, I have no idea how it went from Tesla into our stuff.

I’m so glad you have it! I was getting pretty worried that it was stolen. It was in the Einstein stands, so it’s understandable that it was taken. Should I PM you my address? And thank you for having it XD