Lost Backpack (Newton)


The team that I’m with, 5010, won the Rookie All Star Award and was able to attend the World Championships in STL this year.

Two days ago, I left my backpack on a cart directly in front of our pit area to keep our pit from getting cluttered with personal belongings. Our team’s pit was in the Newton area in the 5000’s aisle. I left for about an hour to go check out the exhibitors and scholarship row with some team mates and came back to find my backpack gone. I’ve filled out a lost items sheet with Pit Admin and visited them to see if my backpack had been returned, but it was never returned. The teams around our pit, as far as they could recall, didn’t see the backpack getting taken. I doubt that it will be returned now that the event is over, but I would appreciate it if anyone has any information regarding it.

If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of my backpack, that would be great. My backpack is black and has the Wilson branding; the contents of my backpack include a Toyota car keys with remote and JAL keychain, garage door opener, a TI Nspire graphing calculator, flash drives, microSD cards, a pencil case, an orange folder, etc.